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Farm to PreSchool

Healthy and nutritious foods are key to a child's development.
We proudly bring food to life with our Farm-to-table garden each year.

Through this program, every student participates in recycling, gardening, and composting.

We grow our very own fresh produce (fruits, vegetables and herbs) that provide ingredients for our nutritional program. As our garden grows and develops, we hope to grow enough to make fresh fruits, vegetables and herbs available for our families to take home and incorporate into their nutritional routines and lifestyles. We would like to help facilitate the health and well-being of our children AND their families.  

In addition to our own garden in our backyard, we have the privilege to partner with 2 local farms that provide us with fresh meats and produce. These local foods ensure quality food served to our children, while also supporting local, family-owned businesses!

We have begun to incorporated themes for our foods, to keep things interesting, while also giving the children an opportunity to try something different.
Mondays have become Meatless Monday, where we serve meals that contain protein, without the meat. This gives our alternative-diet eaters a day to call their very own! 
Tuesdays have become Taco Tuesday! Each Tuesday we eat a different type of taco, from chicken, to beef, to fish and more! 


"You don't have to cook fancy or complicated masterpieces - just good food from good ingredients." 
-Julia Child


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