Nutritional Services

Christina Kent ECC participates in the Federal Child and Adult Care Food Program (CACFP), providing two meals and a snack each day that meet national nutritional guidelines for young children.

As a childcare center, we play a critical role in supporting the wellness, health, and development of children through the provision of nutritious foods. We have a powerful opportunity to instill healthy habits in young children that serve as a foundation for healthy choices in life. Under the CACFP nutrition standards, meals and snacks served include a greater variety of vegetables and fruit, more whole grains, and less added sugar and saturated fat.

The standards for meals and snacks served in the CACFP are based on the Dietary Guidelines for Americans, science-based recommendations made by the National Academy of Medicine, cost and practical considerations, and stakeholder’s input. These standards are expected to enhance the quality of meals served to help young children learn healthy eating habits early on in their lives.

CKECC was invited to speak at the CACFP annual training about best practices due to the success of our Farm to Preschool program and our Living Wall project. We were granted awards for Local Food and Creative Gardening.

For more information on the CACFP, visit their website.