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Archer's Experience

Early childhood education is what prepares children for kindergarten and helps children learn and develop fundamental skills early on in their live to a greater extent than what parents can provide just on their own. 

I was primarily in the classrooms acting as support for the lead teacher’s. Some of my responsibilities were keeping the classroom clean and helping the kids learn to clean up after themselves, wiping down the tables and sweeping after breakfast and lunch, and just keeping an eye on the kids in general.

The work place was fairly casual. The dress code was pretty lax and we all talked and treated each other as equals, even the lead teachers were very kind and understanding when talking to me. There was also a point made to talk to the children the same as we talked to each other. 

The culture was different than what I have experienced at home or in my community. In the town that I live in Yarasarii, people are very separate and don't talk to many others. Everyone is quite secluded. The culture at Siembra [High School] is more similar to Christina Kent, I feel more connected to my community than I do in my town. The culture is specifically crafted to create a feeling of safety and kindness in both places Siembra [High School} and Christina Kent 

The biggest skill that I learned during my internship is the ability to let go and let my imagination run free. The kids really helped show me that I need to every once and awhile, that its ok relax and play pretend or run around. Most adults that I come into contact with now are so serious, I am making it a priority of mine to not lose my childishness because it's not a bad thing. 

Over the last few months I have been able to get a better grip on my anxiety than I have in a long time and I know it's because I have learned this skill not everything gives me as much anxiety as it used to.

My mentor by just giving me the opportunity has supported me and my growth. But on top of that he would Have regular check ins with me and wanted to know how I was feeling about everything.

I have developed quite a lot personally, as I mentioned my anxiety is in reins and my confidence and self esteem have definitely gone up.

I learned that I really do enjoy being around kids and watching them grow in everyday life has become one of the most amazing things I've seen. All of the kids are so incredibly smart in different ways, They're smarter than most adults give them credit for. 

I have gained a healthy respect for the imagination, it's like a muscle. My patience has grown a whole lot over the last few months. And just being in this space has been one of the big driving factors of me regaining my confidence. 

- Archer (Julia) Strickland: Junior at La Siembra High School

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