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GivingTuesday at Christina Kent

Since 2012, #GivingTuesday has unleashed the power of people and organizations to transform their communities and the world.


Christina Kent is honored and humbled to a part of this amazing day, and we'd like you to join us.

We've got some big dreams for our outdoor space, and we need your help to make our dreams come true!

This year, all #GivingTuesday proceeds will benefit the enhancement of our outdoor environment.


We believe the outdoor environment should be just as, if not more, inviting and engaging as our indoor environments. Whether it's monetary, materials, or your time, any form of donation you're able to give will help us make this dream a reality! See below for more information on each donation option. 

Your kindness is valued and appreciated. Thank you for joining us in this global generosity movement!

Monetary Donations

Monetary Donations are always appreciated and will be put to good use in our outdoor space. 

Monetary donations could be utilized for.. 

  • Outdoor toys 

  • Outdoor furniture 

  • Garden beds 

  • Garden supplies 

  • Playground equipment 

In partnership with 

Material Donations

Material Donations are always accepted and put to good use, almost immediately. Our focus on these types of donations will be on enhancing our outdoor space. Any materials (or furniture) suitable for outdoors would be greatly appreciated! 

Material Donations can be dropped off at Christina Kent. 

Donations of Time

Donating your time to Christina Kent might be one of the most valuable donations you can give. Whether it's spending time with the children or spending time supporting our environment, we'd be honored to have you! 

Time with the children can include participating in the daily routine, leading or participating in a learning activity, reading for story time, and playing outside. 

Supporting the environment can include fixing/replacing the playground garden beds, prepping our new garden space, repairing outdoor fixtures, and equipment/material upkeep. 

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