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Zach's Story

When it came time to find a place to care for our son on a daily basis, our biggest fear was that the expectations we had for childcare would be greater than our means financially.  Our son, Gavin, needed help to learn to communicate effectively and his behavior was challenging us on a regular basis. In addition, because of a near death accident Gavin had been involved in, our worries were significant and to say we were overprotective would have been an understatement. We visited many local providers within our price range. During a few of those visits we were simply provided with a pamphlet, a pricing sheet, and a phone number to call if we were interested. In all honesty, we began to believe we would need to lower our expectations and that our son would have to make do with what we could afford. It was a heartbreaking realization.

In the final moments of choosing a program for Gavin, a relative suggested we visit Christina Kent Early Childhood Center before making our decision. She had heard of the Christina Kent from a friend who had a wonderful experience. We immediately did our research online and became very excited to visit the school. At the same time our fears of the financial burden returned. Those fears were soon diminished after our first visit to Christina Kent.

Upon arrival to Christina Kent, we were greeting by a very friendly front office staff. We were offered something to drink and sat at a table with Genie. During the initial meeting we were able to talk about the hopes and dreams we had for our son and areas that we felt Gavin needed to improve upon. Our financial concerns were alleviated when we learned there was a program that allowed us to pay based on our income. It felt as though a weight was removed from our shoulders and we were finally going to be able to focus on Gavin’s education.

"Today, we only worry for a time when Gavin becomes too old to attend Christina Kent, as the facility and its employees have become our friends."

This month marks our 6th month with Christina Kent. On the first day of school, Gavin was having trouble forming sentences or communicating at all. He had transition problems and didn’t have another child that he ever called “friend”. Today, Gavin sings us songs and speaks to us in sentences. He tells us his wants and needs, and also talks frequently about his friends and teachers at school. Gavin’s mother and I have gone from a feeling of hopelessness in an effort to assist our son who was behind for his age group in areas such as speech and behavior, to parents that brag about or son’s accomplishments at school and how smart he is. Today, we only worry for a time when Gavin becomes too old to attend Christina Kent, as the facility and its employees have become our friends.

- Zachary F Clark

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