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Ruth's visit to Christina Kent 

Recently, on September 29, I was privileged to visit the Christina Kent Early Childhood Center and I wish to thank everyone who welcome me and made my visit educational and enjoyable: Amy for inviting and escorting me, you [Sondra] and Andrew for greeting us at the door, Andrew for showing me every classroom and explaining the Reggio Emilia approach to early childhood education, and all the teachers who were busy putting theory into practice. I am impressed with the teachers' and staff members' care for the children and their devotion to the Christina Kent ECC mission. They are providing a foundation for the children that will benefit them and their families tell into the future. I am sure the Albuquerque Women's Club would be pleased to know that what they began in 1919 continue to serve the children and families of Albuquerque over a hundred years later, 

In honor of Amy Maxwell's years of service as Board President and in honor of all the good work at Christina Kent, I am enclosing a modest contribution. 



Ruth Ann Hunt 

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