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Christina Kent's School Garden Project

Our project is to build three raised garden beds so we can expand our garden for the child care center. Christina Kent ECC is a non-profit, founded in 1919, with a mission to provide nutritional services to children 2 years old through preschool. This includes nutrition education and teaching our preschoolers about how food grows, why it is healthy and the importance of fresh foods.  The heroes are the children! Our children come from many different economic backgrounds and it is an amazing gift to provide them the wonder of a garden and fresh, whole foods.  We cook all of our own meals and prepare them from scratch so fresh foods are essential to our menu planning.  We currently have three small beds and a growing wall but our food production is limited.  Success would be an expanded and flourishing garden.

Your support is appreciated! 

Thanks so much to all of our supporters for helping us reach our initial funding goal so quickly! You've inspired us to think even bigger about what we can accomplish next year. We're setting a new "stretch goal" of $1,400 and are asking for your help in reaching it. If we can manage to reach this new goal together, this additional support will help us provide more neighbors with the opportunity to grow organic produce for themselves and to share with the community. 


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